Gaining Knowledge

Alright! So we got some ideas and you are now head on with what you want to do for a living and you are passionate about it! Well because i have gone through the trenches and fought the hard battles and suffered some defeats maybe some glory here and there. I can provide with what i wish someone would had given me, which is a head start or at least some resource to look into before or even during my learning phase. Again we have to google everything but i can point you out to some things to cover being in the IT field such as:

  • Networking essentials
  • Intro to Operating systems
  • Understanding Hardware components of a PC/Servers
  • Programming essentials
  • Security concepts/essentials

Okay. So a lot of what was mentioned above, you will have to get a feel for. At least to tie things together in the field. A lot of technical jargon will be spoken and you need to know what they mean. Especially, on the Networking side of things. Networking is involved in the communication between the applications (websites) you see  online and obviously how your PC is able to understand how it is able to ask and then get those sites in front of you. I think this may be the dry side of things, at least for me it was and still is at times… Don’t let this discourage you as there are professionals out there that thrive in that field of IT; as Network Technicians, Network Admins, Network Security, and the list goes on. Basically any position requires some knowledge of basic networking. Now, depending on what you already chose as your focus it can change when you realize you enjoy to do one specific thing.

I mentioned all of the topics to at least get you started but here are some good resources to get you rolling! I personally have used these links and has helped me along the way.

Some things can be a bit old but are still very helpful, like intro to networking and intro to linux

Eli the Computer Guy:

 For Sysadmin focus on Linux, Dave is the man!:

Tutorial Linux:

For Programming, along other tutorials that can involve Networking, Security, etc. Bucky is the guy!

The New Boston:

For Networking, Operating systems certificates Professor Messer is who you want to study from!

Professor Messer:

Programmer/Coding, Web Developer:

Team treehouse:

There are other Great resources Out there that in time i will bring up, but for now those are some of the main channels to keep up with and have bookmarked or saved somewhere as a guide. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to these guys they answer in time or someone who is knowledgeable will. Always, always ask questions when you are learning, it means you are trying to close that gap to really understand something. Well we will finish with that, next i will explain my background a bit more and what field of focus i am currently in. Good luck and keep studying it will pay off!