Is this IT (Information Technology) a thing for me?

This is probably the question that everyone, thinking of joining the field has come to mind at least once. Or even having doubts, “am I too old for this?, maybe I have to know a lot of math?” Or imagine this, a nerd living in his parents basement coding and tinkering away.. and then you say..” Yea.. no its not for me”. That actually came to mind for me a bit, I mean jeez i was 24 when I really dived in and felt like I was sooo behind on the rest of the cool techs out there. Well the fact is, depending on the position in this field there is hardly any math used besides Algebra, something I learned working with others and being in this field is you are never too old to learn anything! Now I do enjoy tinkering on things in my basement.. :p but that is only because I’m still learning and trying new things, and only because I want to and enjoy it.

That brings me to another life lesson I’ve stumbled on when thinking of learning  a craft, is.. “You have to love what you do”, or at least enjoy it and find it interesting right? I mean if it’s for the money there are lots of high paying jobs out there. If you are wondering , how can you know if you will enjoy it? Well. Research is key, if you are even thinking about joining the IT world, you need to know how to google search..everything! In this great world filled with information ( Great times to be alive!) there is no way you can’t figure things out by looking it up on youtube or google/yahoo, etc. So ask Mr. Googs for that specific job title you are looking for. IT can branch out to many job titles and positions, sometimes even doing a little bit of everything as you will come to learn in a bit. Here let me make things easier for you:

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